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How to run a Successful Virtual Expo?

How to run a Successful Virtual Expo?

 Virtual Events are organized sessions that are hosted online. The event involves interaction with people in a virtually designed online environment instead of physically meeting each other. It constitutes mainly of webinars, expos, conferences, hybrid events, and social live streams.

Ideas for hosting a successful Virtual Expo

 Organizing any event comes with its own fair set of challenges. Just like an in-person event, virtually hosted events to require a similar kind of attention and care. Just like any event, the secret ingredients for a successful virtual expo are effective promotion, audience engagement, memorable event functions. An online expo can be easily made valuable and engagement-driven educational session. It can be turned into an impactful event that goes well beyond the computer screens.

Highlighted below are some of the tips to steer clear of hiccups at the time of organizing a virtual expo:

Design a Game Plan

Every expo or event should involve a pre-planned strategy, whether it is small or big, virtual or physical. Begin with a key idea and concept, then organize a mind map for the same. The better is the planning, the more successful would be the event.

Before hosting a virtual expo, think of the following:

  1. Whether the online expo is going to be on-demand, live or both?
  2. Whether the access provided would be free of cost or gated?
  3. What is the optimum time to host the virtual event?
  4. Is event registration needed for the online expo?
  5. Where is the content needed to be seen?
  6. How will promotion for events take place?

Event Promotion

Wide-scale promotions for the Virtual Expo based on the top-selling points that your event would be offering to the clients/attendees. Spread the news of the online expo via Social Media and Email Marketing. Target should be strategically set for the running advertisements, by making use of the correct format. You can make the vent more exciting and fun by creating virtual event count downs and list down necessary event information on various platforms to attract more users. Also, event hashtags should be added as it will help in extensive promotion and would drive conversations about the online expo on the web.

Stay ready for Unanticipated Technical Problems

Internet connectivity should be thoroughly checked before setting things in motion. Preparation of backups of the visuals and the entire presentation is essentially important. A rehearsal or mock event should be run before going live. Moreover, there are chances that not all attendees are going to be tech-savvy, so resources should be arranged to avoid further complications.

Inspire People to Engage

In any virtually hosted event, the inclusion of fun and interactive features like quizzes and polls is compulsory. This is done to encourage user engagement throughout the session. Asking and implementation of suggestions, relevant requests, should be visible to all. When the entire event is over, feedback from the attendees should be asked for.

Right Date and Time

 It is of great importance to choose an appropriate date and time to host a virtual event. Irrespective of the size of the event or platform of hosting the event, proper research should be done before marking of the calendars. While researching, possible events and holidays should be marked, that have the potential to reduce the attendance at the event. Besides, in case the virtual event is going to be hosted globally, then time zones must be taken into account.

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