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Real Estate

Impact of Covid-19 On Real Estate Industry

The first Coronavirus case in India was reported on the 30th of January, 2020. It has been more than three months since then and the nationwide lockdown has been extended for the third time now. Lockdown appears to be lifted soon but still, the future remains uncertain.
The Indian Economy has been affected largely and drastically. Along with that, unemployment and job losses remain the biggest concern for the country, with no new jobs and opportunities in the near future economy will certainly take time to recover.

Industrial sectors:
Companies from the various sector will be affected distinctly, Industries like personal and health care, food processing and retail, E-commerce, medical supply and services, agriculture, etc., are considered to be potential winners and major potential losers can be the industries from the sectors like automobile, aviation, tourism and
for obvious reason real estate.

Construction of the buildings, whose work was under the pipeline is at a halt for now Many big projects are
delayed and not likely to be started soon even after the materials are made available.
The main concern for the builders in the near future will be human resources, looking at this pandemic many migrants workers have returned to their respective villages, returning back to the work is going to take time.

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