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Online Property Expo has become the new trend in the Real Estate Industry amidst coronavirus pandemic. Online property expos are being designed and organized to engage and connect developers and buyers worldwide in real-time under one virtual roof.

An online property event is nothing but a mock of a real-world property event. The virtual property events are designed such that customers can get a feel of real-world property expo on their devices themselves, without taking a single step out from their houses.

The designing is done such that customers can interact and visit the property of developers virtually using VR goggles and other devices, the customer has the option of several developers under one virtual roof, and they can visit any one of them to have a virtual visit of their property site.



This Pandemic has changed our way of living and working, nowadays people fear gathering for fun activities, and instead they prefer spending their free time on digital platforms for entertainment purpose also.

Many property expos got canceled as gathering at one place in a large number is against the government rules and regulations. Due to lack of developer and buyer coordination, several projects are at a halt and many unsold property owners are seeking buyers.

Following are some of the major changes that were noticed:

  1. 70% increase in internet browsing

As the country was under lockdown, there was an increase of about seventy percent in internet browsing. People were now more dependent on the internet for their daily needs like ordering medicines and other kinds of stuff to getting the latest updates about the pandemic.

  1. 4x time spent on social media

Social media saw a sudden increase of around four hundred percent. People now had no option but to reach social media platforms to be in touch with their loved ones.

  1. 87% increase in online meetings

During the pandemic, Work from home became the new normal, as all the offices were closed, employees were advised to stay at home and work from home. As of now, this has become a trend but making work from home efficient, it is necessary to have proper communication between staff, increasing online meetings.


Talking about Real Estate, the industry adopted similar changes, but as we all know this industry requires physical interaction with the clients and clients love to explore the property by visiting it, this became a challenge for the industry.

  1. There has been a large decrement in the property sale graph since lockdown. According to a recent report, there are more than 2.7 lakhs, ready to move in homes unsold in urban areas.
  1. Some people are insecure about the future scenario and are trying to save money rather than investing it. On the other hand, some people are interested in buying property amidst pandemic.
  1. The reason behind is the great offerings and bumper gifts being given by the developers and builders, along with that the property prices are incredibly low amidst pandemic, so of course, waiting for the year ahead to buy property is not a good option at all.
  1. After all these things and the consumer is interested in buying, there comes one more challenge to the property dealers, and i.e., clients are not interested at all in scheduling a meeting with them to close the deal, because of the fear of the viral disease.
  1. Many property Expos got canceled as investing in them is not a good idea at all until this coronavirus pandemic gets a cure.


Well instead of all this bad news, the other face of the coin is very different, quite interesting and provides a better picture of the future, there has been an incredible increase in the number of online property site visits. People after knowing the irresistible offers are now willing to buy property online. As quotes such as, “Buy Home from the Comfort of Your Home”, are trending, consumers are really into it. Developers also got some hope and are interested to participate in online property expo.

After seeing this kind of interest in consumers and developers many big property dealing companies are now eagerly organizing online property expo, keeping in mind all the facilities that are provided to the developers and clients in the real world exhibitions.

SaleMax Plus in association with IREE Virtual is also going to organize a Premium Online Property Showcase, e-Exhibition and Customer-Developer Engagement Opportunity from 31st July to 3rd of August.

SaleMax Plus online property expo is coming up with all the features that are sufficient to clear out any doubt in the customer’s mind and is capable of solving all the above-mentioned challenges. How? Well, let’s have an overview:

1.Seamless design on all platforms: Join Event from any device

This Online Property Expo has a capability to be accessed from any of your devices such as phone, tablet, or your pc. You can use a VR device for getting a true feeling of being at the property expo. Enjoy the seamless exploration of the site from your favorite developers.

2.One for All: Let your whole family experience the buzz of online property expo

Buying a home can be a life goal for you, and selecting one is the biggest decision you take. Take your family for a virtual tour of your dream palaces and let them help you choose one, as it’s said with family, a house is a home.

3.Virtual Booth and Expo: Act as a place for you to do enquiries from your target brands and industry vendors

A real-time expo facilitates you with an exhibition hall where you can find the stall of your favorite developers. Aiming for exposure and walk-in inquiries, contact with them through the chatbox or video calling, and fix your virtual visit.

4.The event in Virtual Auditorium: Listen to organizers or host controlling, guiding and exploring event

Visit the auditorium for an overwhelming experience, watch videos in it to get to know more about the features and power of the biggest online property sale, organized by SaleMax Plus. Get detailed information about booking and buying property online.

5. 3-D Environment Simulation: Real site visit experience.

SaleMax Plus online property expo features 3-D Environment Simulation, participates in the event with VR goggles to experience the virtual event with the highest live event simulation. Get connected with another environment located physically by staying at your home and experience the feeling of being on a real platform.

6.Private Virtual Room: Have a deep chat regarding any specific topic

This online property expo provides you with a virtual private room to have a deep chat with your favourite developer. Basically, it’s a separate networking space for business chat, ask all your queries, ask for virtual site visit and you are good to go. Explore the awesomeness!!!

7.Offers: Discount offers, Coupons and Bumper Gifts on Visiting and looking

Had a virtual visit? Wow! You liked the property too, that’s sounds great, don’t miss the offers and bumper gifts being provided by the organizers and developer on every booking as well as on every site visit. Make use of this offer and visit as many property sites as you want to earn bonus points.

This online property expo is digital payment ready, give token online with online booking hold, and get digital payment receipt.



The online property sale is a real craze in today’s era, developers and customer can now interact under one virtual roof, without fear of getting infected. The exploration of the site feels amazing with the VR goggles in place.

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