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Tourism in Metaverse

In the metaverse, virtual tourism means access to almost any location, personalized guest experiences and enhanced entertainment.

Education in Metaverse

It can help students learn concepts virtually in real-life situations and provides access of education to more students

Virtual Expo

Real Tech Platform for online property expo for single and multiple developers including AR and VR features

Interactive Website

Build Beautiful Interactive website for showing real estate properties and features in 3D view to Clients

Virtual Sales Launchpad

Market Your Business with Little Investment. It is exclusive platform to create stunning virtual environment for your clients

Integrated CRM

Salemax Plus Integrated CRM is an adaptable and acceptable solution that can easily turn data into end results

About Us

Salemax Plus is Tech Platform Known to Offer Futuristic Solutions.

We Extend our specifically designed services as per needs and preferences of developers across the nation and around the globe.

What we offer

Metaverse is Future of Digital World

Next Gen Platform

Virtual Platform enabling end to end solution to expand your business.

Integrated CRM

Award winning All-in-One CRM software for marketing, sales, & customer support teams.

Data & Analytics

We can help you unlock powerful analytics insights by tapping into data you didn't even know you had


Use of technology applications that perform repetitive tasks, freeing up employees for higher value work

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With great power comes great productivity.

Smart Solutions
Certified Expert
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Metaverse is the new big thing in technology


What they say

Shivam Mehta "Super Support"

The solutions are very user friendly and anyone can use it. I have been using it for a while and it had helped me easily manage my large team of real estate brokers. Thank you Salemax Plus

Rajni Dhingra "Just What We Needed"

Salemax Team Provides awesome support from onboarding to execution. They help you with all training with software and setup. Could not have asked for better.